The Face Of The Book

Discover the face of the book ..

Is it friend or enemy ..?

In the words of William Hazlitt, “Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.“, but what if you are able to access the Facebook world and stop being a normal user to one of the social networking websites.

Dr. Gamal Mokhtar’s book “The Face of the Book” reveals for all its readers the secrets of the Facebook. It is more as if it is giving its readers the ability to put the Facebook under the microscope.

Throughout the book, the reader will be presented to a variety of topics related to Facebook such as a detailed explanation about the creation of the Facebook, its inventor, and its history from 2004 till now including its social and financial growth Also, the book gathered all the statistics, studies and surveys that were previously worked out. In the book, the relation between the journalism and Facebook is viewed. In other words, all what is written in the newspapers is published on Facebook like the April 6th strike, which was led by Israa Abdel Fattah through Facebook where she gathered the people for this strike on it.

Its advantages and disadvantages are revealed too making every reader think whether it is a double-edged weapon or not. Dr. MOKHTAR pointed out to the relationship between Facebook and the CIA that attempts to recruit the facebook users. He also pointed to the forgery on Facebook. “This is either a forgery or a damn fine original!” quoted Frank Sullivan. Facebook played a role in the forgery as there are lots of faces for it like the identity theft, boys’ fake girls’ accounts putting sexy profile pictures and so on…

Also, another topic was pointed to which was sex in which high profits are gained daily. That is also beside the 25% of the searching on the sex, noting that, there are 420 million sex websites worldwide.

All aspects starting from the psychological, political, religious, and boredom are discussed in details in the book.

Dr. Mokhtar also spreads his advices to parents to thoroughly monitor the bad behaviors of their kids on line. As they will be affected legally since ADSL lines have their names on the contract.

This book is mainly targeting youth. But it is also extending to families, politicians, media people and Legal authorities.

Actually this is one of the books that cannot be summarized in few paragraphs. You must read it yourself to know more about his deep vision on Facebook.

After reading, ask yourself one last question whether you looked at Facebook from another point of view or not? And whether you find that it is still a friend or it became an enemy?. Surely, you will discover the real face of the book.