Dr. Gamal Mokhtar


As the founder of Aspect Advertising and Public Relations, Dr. Mokhtar additionally fulfills the duties of President for the company.


Established in 1994, Aspect Advertising and Public Relations provides services in advertising and related products for commercial clients. Headquartered in Cairo, the firm operates representative offices in England, Canada, Morocco, Dubai, Singapore, France, Australia, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Gamal Mokhtar

Business Background:

The firm employs skilled professionals and serves domestic companies as well as large foreign multinationals, including Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Panasonic, Mercedes Benz, and Canon.

As the President, Dr. Mokhtar assumes responsibility for strategic planning and business development. Utilizing his premier marketing and advertising training as well as extensive experience, Dr. Mokhtar develops new programs and product offerings that are designed to secure name recognition, increased sales, and to enhance the positive institutional identity of client companies.

He oversees day-to-day operations and provides overall administration. He attributes the company’s success to good human resources management. Fluent in Arabic and English, Dr. Mokhtar displays cultural diversity as he interacts with clients of the firm, negotiates, and coordinates the fulfillment of major contracts.

Dr. Mokhtar, interested in promoting the social marketing awareness in Egypt and the MENA region, has a long list of accomplishments in that area. Serving as the principal representative of the firm before the public, Dr. Mokhtar adds to the firm’s established reputation for integrity and excellence as he networks extensively.

As the recipient of numerous professional awards for high profile advertising campaign successes, Dr. Mokhtar is well known and highly respected in the advertising field.
Dr. Mokhtar remains dedicated to Aspect Advertising & PR and he works to foster expansion for the firm and its areas of service.

The Book Success


Dr. Mokhtar is the Author of the very well-known book: “THE TRUTH OF THE FACEBOOK… FRIEND OR ENEMY”
This book captured the interest of the people in the whole of the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2008 when the book was published, Dr. Mokhtar predicted that there will be a great Revolution in Egypt.


Gulf Cooperation Council Advertising Association; International Advertising Association; Egyptian Junior Business, Egyptian Businessmen association, Cinema Syndicate, Chamber of commerce, CISV.


Best Television Commercial Award; Gold Award for Nissan commercial; Silver Award for Mercedes Benz; Bronze Award for Amusement Park campaign; Annual American University Advertising Awards; Pan Arab TV and Radio Festival Awards
University, Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors (1990)

Personal Information:

Dr. Mokhtar enjoys jogging, swimming, driving fast cars, creative thinking and planning, world travel, meeting new people, and music in his personal time.
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